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100+ photos raising £100+ for anti-racism

Get yourself a photography print from artists supporting Black British charities

By Ally Faughnan

The fight against racism is not over when the news cycle is. This is a deep-rooted issue that we must continue to fight against. There are so many ways to support Black Lives Matter from within the creative world and one way that the Anti-Racism Photography Fundraiser is doing their bit is through a global print sale (open 3–24 July 2020).

Bringing together over 100 photographers, all selling prints for £100 each, the fundraiser is raising money for Black British charities and organisations. By purchasing a print, you are supporting The Black Curriculum, an education social enterprise bringing Black history to schools, Black Minds Matter, making mental health topics relevant and accessible for all Black people in the UK, and Exist Loudly, a programme supporting Queer Black Young People in London.

If you want to support and buy a print but don’t know where to start, here are five artists whose photographs you should check out.

Amber Pinkerton

Amber Pinkerton is a Jamaica-raised, London-based photographer and filmmaker. Her work is inspired by Caribbean culture and through photography she documents the beauty of life, as well as commenting on society. Her image Girl Next Door, 2020, included in the Anti-Racism Photo Fundraiser, was from a shoot taken for the S/S20 issue of Dazed. The beautifully styled image is available to buy here.

Arielle Bobb-Willis

Since New York photographer Arielle Bobb-Willis picked up a camera, she has been using it as a tool for empowerment. Shown in the image selected for the fundraiser, Bobb-Willis’ images use bright colours to create joy in moments of sadness. This is a therapeutic symbol for the artist as she uses photography to explore the complexities of life. Austin, 2020 is available to buy here.

Christina Poku

Christina Poku is London-based photographer and art director. Through her work she creates staged stories with colourful and abstract motifs. The still life The Right to Blossom, 2020 is a beautiful creation included in the Anti-Racism Photo Fundraiser and Poku captioned the image on Instagram with the quote by Assata Shakur: “Freedom is the right to grow, it’s the right to blossom.” The print is available to buy here.

Meryl Meisler

“Black! Lives! Matter! R u dumb” – say it louder for the people in the back! New York-based photographer Meryl Meisler has been creating a visual memoir with her images since the 1970s. The photograph included in the Anti-Racism Photo Fundraiser was taken at Union Square in New York during a Black Lives Matter protest and can be purchased here.

Nina Manandha

Through her photography, Nina Manandhar explores contemporary youth culture, identity, and style. The image Reforma, Mexico City, 2017, included in the fundraiser, is part of a photo series of newspaper sellers, taken on the street Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico. Drawn to the people’s bright outfits, Manandhar explores the street life and culture in the city. Her image is available to purchase here.

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