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Artist Lamb of Lemila on creativity, spirituality, and identity

Discover the details, colours, and stories behind Lambi’s work


is Lamb of Lemila?

Lambi, aka Lamb of Lemila, is a Cape Town-based multimedia artist. She holds a B.A in Film & Television and Media & Writing from the University of Cape Town, however she states that this has no bearing in her life so consider it a random fun fact. The characters in her illustrations are personified versions of one coming into and embracing oneself. Spiritually, mentally, physically, and sexually. The character is identifiable by what resonates with the viewer.

Although most of her works are illustrations, she has also created paintings, sculptures, and art installations. Her art career is a learning process, with each new project, she comes across new materials and methods of creating. The essence of being and what it means to exist is the source of her creative practice, what manifested forms this takes is subject to that period in her life.


has Lambi’s creative practice changed over the years?

Lambi: “When I first began creating artworks, I was exploring a variety of techniques, learning as I went. I still am, however, currently, I feel that I have a stronger understanding of what appeals to me and how I want my compositions to come together. In a way, my creative practice has become more fluid and intentional. I spend more time thinking about how I want each component to appear, undertaking an in-depth exploration of the detail, colors, and story.”

“I like to explore the correlation between the Earth, energy, the human body, and our communities.”


has been the biggest inspiration on Lambi’s art?

Lambi: “Identity is the running theme for my artwork. Be it gender, race, or what it means to exist consciously and unconsciously and how this is influenced by nature, society, and other worldly factors. I believe that people are complex in nature; however, this allows for an untold amount of exploration. Most, if not all, of my artworks contain a form of flora or insects. I like to explore the correlation between the Earth, energy, the human body, and our communities; especially from the perspective of African folklore, philosophy, and epistemology. I like to convey the symbolism and ever changing ways in which we communicate this energy in our everyday lives, striving to develop an understanding of beingness and identity in relation to nature, the supernatural, and history.”


is spirituality such an important part of Lambi’s work?

Lambi: “My work is an extension and reflection of a certain period or event in my life. Right now, I feel quite grounded and comfortable with who I am and a big contributing factor to this is spirituality. My earlier artworks came from a tumultuous time in my life and illustrating allowed me a space to process and express some of my mental health struggles. Now that I’ve come to better understand and embrace those various aspects of myself, those elements have come into my work.”

“My work is an extension and reflection of a certain period or event in my life.”


can you find more from Lambi?

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