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Get to know engineer-turned-designer Malini Rao

Malini is a self-taught designer specialising in branding and identity design


is Malini Rao?

Malini Rao is a lover of all things branding, creating logos and fresh brand identities for those who are seeking the opportunity to stand out from the crowded world of brands and businesses. Along with identity design, Malini has a heart for illustrations, motion design, packaging, and print design. Practising different areas of design keeps Malini inspired and creative.

Building things from the ground up and creating something out of nothing is why Malini is so passionate and fascinated with design. The entire process from start to finish – working with clients to build their dream brand – brings Malini so much joy and satisfaction.

Working with The Gallyry and I LIKE NETWORKING, Malini was also the one who brought everything together for the creative careers guide (check it out here).


did Malini first get into design?

Malini: “The whole idea of being able to bring your ideas to life and create something from scratch is incredibly fascinating to me and that has pushed me to pursue design. At first, I would design just for the fun of it but as I started working on projects, it became clear that design is functional and serves a purpose in the real world.”


does Malini come up with creative ideas for projects?

Malini: “I take inspiration from a number of sources, such as nature, magazines, billboards, Netflix(haha), basically everything that fuels my imagination.”


does Malini love most about branding?

Malini: “I love how you can tell a story through design and a strong narrative to create a wholesome experience for the brand and customers. Essentially you are solving a problem or closing a gap in the market.”


can you find more from Malini?

Follow Malini on Instagram and check out her portfolio over her website.

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