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How Babes on Waves business club is helping women create lives they deserve

Founder of Babes on Waves Jasmine talks all about starting a biz club, encouraging self-development, and more

By Ally Faughnan

Are you ready to level up and become accountable for your success and your life? Babes on Waves is here to help – a business club looking to become the go-to place for women to gain confidence.

I came across Babes on Waves over a year ago when it was still an online magazine, encouraging self-development. Even watching its transformation into an honest, open business club for female entrepreneurs shows that Babes on Waves is on its way to do big things.

From Instagram tips on getting your shit together to amazing talks and workshops on confidence and productivity, Babes on Waves is here to help you level up. Now let’s hand the mic to the Founder Jasmine to tell us all about the amazing biz club she’s created.

Babes on Waves is all about helping women create lives they deserve. What made you want to start a business club for female founders?

When I first started getting into entrepreneurship I didn’t have anyone to talk through all my crazy ideas with! By choosing to stay in and work on my business ideas when my other friends were going out I felt like I was becoming more isolated, like I was having to choose between being social and being productive.

I thought it would be cool to meet up with women once a month on a Saturday to work together and swap business tips, and thus the OG Business Club was born! Since then it’s grown into what the Babes on Waves Business Club today is – an online community for female founders and entrepreneurs.

The past couple of years learning about self development, journalling, CBT, and behavioural patterns have been completely transformative“ – Jasmine

Your club and events are all about self-development. Why do you think this is so important, especially for women today?

I am literally obsessed with self development and finding ways to grow as a person. We already know that most women suffer from low self esteem and lack of confidence – growing up I was the same. I would put myself into toxic situations and allow myself to be mistreated by people because when bad things inevitably happened it reaffirmed the belief I had about myself that I didn’t deserve better.

The past couple of years learning about self development, journalling, CBT, and behavioural patterns have been completely transformative, and as a result the opportunities and people who have come my way are things I never thought I would be doing.

But then I identify in so many women the things I used to feel in myself, and it makes me sad to see so many talented, hardworking, funny, ambitious, beautiful women think of themselves as not good enough. Low Self Esteem is an epidemic we need to start addressing!

What are you most proud of with Babes on Waves?

Something I’m super proud of at Babes on Waves is we’re extremely diverse. I’ve been seeing diversity thrown around a lot in the twittersphere of course as if it’s some cool buzzword, without businesses doing anything about it.

At Babes On Waves however, we’ve always championed diversity – most of our members are WOC, and I’m a black founder myself of course. Part of why I decided to take the club to the next level, from an informal meet-up to a proper membership community was I was so bored of being one of the only brown people in any Business group I joined.

As we grow, I want to ensure the community stays diverse, and so I offer trial memberships for other Black founders who want to see if Babes on Waves is right for them without making the financial commitment. If this is you and you’re reading this, don’t be shy – reach out to me at!

This masterclass is genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever created“ – Jasmine

Your next Goal Diggers Masterclass is coming up on Sunday 28th June – tell us more! What can be expected from this amazing event?

This masterclass is genuinely one of the best things I’ve ever created. I know some people might think “Why would I need help with basically making a to do list?” But this is NOT that!! Out of all the self development and productivity resources I’ve consumed, as well as through lots of trial and error, this method is one I’ve created which is unique in itself and will genuinely have a transformative effect on your life.

After the class you’ll leave with a better understanding of what you truly want out of life and how to break that down into actionable steps, to complete over a 12 week period. You’ll also have a plan in place to keep you consistent, which is the biggest barrier to achieving your goals.

Is there anything else we should keep an eye out for from Babes on Waves?

There is so much in the works – the Business Club opens its virtual doors for prospective members in July, I’ll also be working on an Idea to Action Business Course for Entrepreneurs, and Workshops to help you increase your self esteem!

Check out Babes on Waves and their upcoming events, as well as keep up with Jasmine on their Instagram.

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