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How to build a career in the creative industries

This free careers guide is here to give you industry resources, professional advice, and creative inspiration


is this careers guide for?

Are you interested in pursuing a career in the UK creative industries but are not sure what roles are out there? Or perhaps you’re already working in the cultural sector but are looking for advice and inspiration to take the next step in your career? Aimed at anyone interested in or working in the creative industries, this guide is here to help you navigate the working world so that you can build your own successful career.


is in the guide?

The guide is jam-packed with resources, advice, and inspiration to help you build your creative career. The first part of this guide will provide you with links to sites and resources for job hunting, training, and networking. The second part of this guide will get you inspired through invaluable advice straight from those who are working in amazing jobs across six different creative career paths – visual arts, producing and programming, marketing and communications, music, film and TV, and journalism and publishing.

“This guide is here to help you navigate the working world so that you can build your own successful career.”


was the guide created?

The creative industry can often feel exclusive and isolating, especially when you’re just starting out or switching careers. This guide aims to provide a starting point for those looking for new jobs or opportunities, as well as shine a light on the different creative career paths that are out there and inspire you to find a job that you’re passionate about.


was the guide created?

This guide is a collaboration between The Gallyry and I LIKE NETWORKING, a mentoring and networking platform for women and non-binary people in the creative industries. Bringing I LIKE NETWORKING’s industry knowledge and network together with the editorial style of The Gallyry, the idea for the careers guide was born. This guide then came to life with the contributions of professionals who shared their wisdom, as well as the brilliant Malini Rao who designed such a fantastic resource.

“The guide is jam-packed with resources, advice, and inspiration.”


can you find the guide?

Check out the guide for career resources and inspiration here.

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