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Meet the woman behind The Spaceless Gallery

The gallery going against the grain

The Spaceless Gallery is going against the grain, creating an accessible environment for art and artists through a series of experiential exhibitions in pop-up locations.

This project was founded by Beatrice Masi and through her work, the gallery has been able to grow without the limitations of one location, genre, or audience. Read on to find out more about The Spaceless Gallery from Beatrice herself.

Photo by Natalia Poniatowska, Courtesy of The Spaceless Gallery

Tell us a bit more about the idea behind The Spaceless Gallery

The Spaceless Gallery is founded on the egalitarian principle that art should be available wherever people are without restriction. Operating through a circuit of innovative pop-up locations and re- jecting the rigidity of the traditional white box, the gallery instead opts for the freedom of the network: decentralized and therefore liberated.

“The Spaceless Gallery is founded on the egalitarian principle that art should be available wherever people are without restriction” - Beatrice Masi

When did you start this project and what inspired you to create it?

The Spaceless Gallery started less than a year ago. The idea initially came from an artist friend, Hugh Arnold, who was looking for someone who could represent him as an agent for his work. Jumping onto this exciting opportunity, I not only became Arnold’s agent, but continued to take on more artists. I believe in each and every one of my artists and in turn, they put their trust in me. This was a huge encouragement for me to pursue and I took a big leap to create a community for my artists and into the fierce world of gallery owners.

Who are the artists you represent and how do you work with them for The Spaceless Gallery?

For The Spaceless Gallery, it is important above all that our artists feel like they belong. The artists I chose to work with are very different, but what ties them together is poetry. Lara Porzak uses analog photography to capture the simple and powerful beauty that can be found in nature. She has become the best (not so) kept secret for all of Hollywood and New York collectors. Hugh Findletar, is an amazing storyteller who is well-known in the fashion industry, being commissioned by famous designers like Missoni or Dolce & Gabbana to create uniquely striking portrait glass vases (FLOWERheadZ). However, for this “family” to grow it was important to embrace young and very talented artists like Natalia Poniatowska, a photographer based in Poland who captures the simple beauty of middle-class life. In addition, the gallery also represents Noémie Lacroix, a textile designer and tapestry maker who knows how to create immersive experiences transporting us into her magical abstract silk gardens. I have only mentioned a few of the artists you will find at The Spaceless gallery and I invite you to read more into each one of their stories.

Courtesy of The Spaceless Gallery

The Spaceless Gallery goes against the ‘traditional white box’ structure. What are the benefits and limitations of using pop-up locations for your exhibitions?

We pride ourselves as being in a way, a nomadic gallery, with the aim of being able to present and share our artists in different cities all around the world. Rather than conforming the artists and their works to the unchanging walls of a permanent space – limited to those who visit the location that we are in – we hope to provide an ever-changing experience for our artists as their work intertwines with the vibrant nature of their surroundings and location. Likewise for our audience, we hope to inspire and attract more than just art-lovers as we temporarily become come part of their surrounding landscape, injecting change and bringing appreciation for the arts to the people.

There are no limitations in art and in the same way, using only pop-up spaces for our exhibitions cannot be considered a limitation, but an opportunity to change the way we view art.

What does the upcoming programme for The Spaceless Gallery look like?

We have an exciting year ahead! Do catch us at FRAME 2019 in Basel and at our inaugural exhibition in Paris during the month of October. Follow us on our Instagram: @thespacelessgallery for updates and find out more on Artsy!

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