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Sick Love is the platform standing up for young creatives

The independent zine is dedicated to voicing issues that affect young people in the creative industry


are Sick Love Zine?

Sick Love Zine is an independent multimedia platform dedicated to celebrating young creatives and their work, whilst also voicing issues that affect them in the industry. Creating honest conversions through fashion and culture, the founder Izzy has built a space that promotes upcoming creative talent, while also being socially critical of the industry they are in. I spoke with Izzy to hear more about the creation of Sick Love and how it’s supporting young creatives during this time.


did Izzy create Sick Love?

Izzy: “I created Sick Love because I was sick of the kind of conversations I was seeing published in mainstream creative publications. I felt they didn’t apply to me or my friends (all of whom are young creatives looking to get into their respective industries) and were nowhere near as the conversations we would have with each other, where we would voice our opinions and concerns.

I didn’t feel there was space for these discussions outside of a friendly setting, so I created one. I wanted young creative people to be able to talk of their struggles both in and out of the creative industries, and form an encouraging and safe platform for them to do so.

I also wanted to make sure these creatives' work was being platformed as it is really hard to gain recognition without some help, so out of desire to champion young creatives and their work, Sick Love was born!

There is honestly so much corruption and bias in the creative industries that unless you have connections or a hell of a lot of money it's pretty difficult to be comfortable, especially for those at the beginning of their careers. This is such a commonly known fact but is hardly discussed because those inside the industry are there and are comfortable with the way things are. But things should be uncomfortable, the world is biased and unfair!”

“I wanted to create a space where people can talk openly about the issues that affect them, in and outside of the creative industries. Nothing will change if we remain complacent!”


is the best thing about creating Sick Love?

Izzy: “I think my favourite thing about creating the platform has been to watch it grow and evolve. We are a fairly new platform and we have already grown so much and evolved in what we do! I started off with the hopes of publishing my frustrations and similar content I liked from others, but we have already expanded past zines into online workshops, online concerts, interviews with incredible creatives and an ever expanding community!

We still have a long way to go which is exciting, but I love to watch Sick Love evolve and expand with all the work I put into it.”


is Sick Love supporting young creatives through this time?

Izzy: “Times are particularly tricky at the moment for young creatives as it becomes even harder to secure any kind of position in already oversaturated industries! At the moment we are trying to provide free resources to help those on their way, like our I​ndependent Publishing Workshops.​ We are also planning some online events as well as loads of interactive takeovers on our I​nstagram ​to keep everyone entertained!

More than ever young creatives need to stick together and stick up for each other, as well as for vulnerable communities across the UK. As always we are keen to platform work, so please email us at ​​for a chance to have your work published.”

“More than ever young creatives need to stick together and stick up for each other, as well as for vulnerable communities across the UK.”


can you find more from Sick Love Zine?

Follow them over on Instagram and Twitter, and check out all the amazing posts on their website!

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