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The importance of self-love

thy.self is the platform actualising self-love and diversifying wellness through community

For Mental Health Awareness Week, we are opening up conversations around burnout, loneliness, self-love, and more in our burn baby burnout series. Check out Mind for more advice and support about mental health.

Self-love can mean many different things for many different people, however the core principle of loving yourself and caring about your personal wellbeing is universally important. But how can we actually actualise self-care? This is where thy.self, a platform all about self-love and wellness, comes in.

Chloé Pierre set up thy.self as an online and IRL safe space to help diversity wellness through community, women, and cultural initiatives. This is more relevant than ever due to the turbulent times we’ve been going through and I spoke with Chloé to help demystify the world of wellness, self-love, and self-care.

‘Self-love’ has sometimes been seen as a bit of a buzzword, but what does self-love mean to you?

Self-love to me means learning to see and appreciate yourself for all that you are. Knowing what you can change about yourself, deciding if this is necessary and leading a full life with mindfulness and gratitude on the basis of this journey of self.

“We can actualise self-love, self-care, and demystify these terms by simply taking action to figure out what these terms really mean to us...”

How can we actualise self-love and self-care, and demystify these terms?

We can actualise self-love, self-care, and demystify these terms by simply taking action to figure out what these terms really mean to us and how having an interest in them and inputting them into our daily lives benefits us and the community, spaces, and world around us. We sometimes forget the journey to self is a long one and is not easily fixed with one product or one experience just like losing yourself doesn't happen in one sitting. Finding a tribe with a similar viewpoint will also make the journey a lot more simpler – hence thy.self.

You have mentioned that you have experienced burnout. Would you mind talking a bit about your experience and how this affected your relationship with self-care?

Honestly, experiencing burnout was the action I needed to prioritise my wellness and journey into self-care. Before bouts of burnout I would put my wellness on the back-burner until I had 'time' to look into it properly. I can see now why this was dangerous and experiencing burnout continuously for some period really made me reevaluate what was actually important to me and it wasn't killing myself for someone else's business to grow especially when my wellness was not a priority to them. It was actually a really scary time for me and what I will say is that it put me literally on the edge of my own sanity – that is not a risk worth taking.

”Remain still, prioritise your health, and allow your body to speak to you...”

Do you have any tips for how you cope with feeling burnt out?

Remain still, prioritise your health, and allow your body to speak to you – listen to it and discover what you need to do. It’s really that simple and of course it’s a hard thing to actualise because as people, we don't do this enough. As a female, our bodies really do speak to us – it's time we start listening and taking the right action to help this. Burnout is not cool.

Love everything that thy.self is doing to diversify the wellness community. How much influence do you think the community can have on something as personal as self-love?

Thank you – I honestly think it’s doing a lot – already, people who doubted it in the beginning are now interested in learning more and supporting, our voice is becoming bigger and especially considering where our world is at right now, a platform like thy.self is going to help people get through this uncertain time. We've got a lot happening so stay tuned, follow us, and keep supporting the movement. What happens at thy.self is for everyone – it just starts with you, yourself... thy.self.

Make sure to check out all the wonderful things Chloé is doing with thy.self.

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