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The world's first bricks and mortar Vagina Museum is coming to London

Yes, you heard correctly

The world’s first physical museum dedicated to vaginas is coming to Camden Market in November 2019. The Vagina Museum is about all things gynae and through their exhibitions and programmes, they hope to help destigmatise conversations about vaginas. 65% of 16-25 year olds saying that they have a problem with using the world vagina or vulva and this shows that these conversations need to become more widespread (Eve Appeal, 2016). Providing an inclusive space for anyone and everyone, this museum will allow for people to go and get educated!

This project was first launched in March 2017 by Florence Schechter, after discovering a penis museum in Iceland and questioning why there wasn't one dedicated to vaginas. There also happens to be a virtual vagina museum based in Austria, but Florence believed that there was a need for a physical space to allow the public to come together and learn about vulvas. Since launching, the organisation have curated two exhibitions, one titled Exhibitionist that showcased vagina art and another that explored health and anatomy titled "Is Your Vagina Normal?". Having a physical museum space will allow for more exhibitions like these to take place. Come Autumn 2019, the Vagina Museum also hopes to begin their outreach programming. This aims to include inclusive sex and relationship education, supported by medical professionals, as well as an exciting programme of events that will activate the museum space through talks, workshops, performances and more!

Not all women have vaginas and not all people with vaginas are women

The Vagina Museum is going to be much more than just a display of vulvas. They are dedicated to encouraging conversations about mental health, body image, consent, inclusivity and intersectionality. Not all women have vaginas and not all people with vaginas are women. The need for an inclusive conversation about gynaecology is so important and should be aimed at everyone, not just cis women. Therefore, the Vagina Museum have stated their support for diverse audiences and have aimed to represent this within their board of trustees, which includes medical professionals, academics, scientists, curators, LGBT+ activists and sex educators.

Although there are a couple of months until the museum opens, they need your help now! Last month they launched a crowdfunder campaign to help support this venture. The funds raised will go towards the organisation of exhibitions and outreach programmes, rent and staffing costs. There are only two days left to support this campaign so get donating! (Update: the campaign has been extended by two weeks until 3 May 2019).

Keep up to date with what is happening with the Vagina Museum on their website and Instagram

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