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Three art podcasts to inspire creativity

Brush up on your art history knowledge, learn from creatives, and get some career motivation

By Ally Faughnan

If you want to brush up on your art history knowledge (and not fall asleep), listen to creatives talk about what they do when they're not being creative or get some career motivation, then these podcasts will be music to your ears.

London is a big city and trying to get anywhere literally takes years (or at least an hour). In my bid to cut down on my use of public transport, I have also started walking the hour-long journey to university and back. All of this time spent travelling could be wasted mindlessly thinking, but now I have plenty of podcasts to distract myself with and potentially learn a few things from along the way too. Here are a few I’ve been enjoying recently...

For a whistle stop tour of art history: The Art History Babes

Four art history graduates have taken the world of visual culture and brought it to the masses. Delving into the lives of artists, wider movements and the integration of pop culture, The Art History Babes make art history digestible. They also host other ‘art people’ on the show too and get them to "drink 🍷 & discuss all things visual culture", as explained in their Instagram bio.

What I enjoy about their podcast is that the conversations on art history are not pretentious and often timely with what is going on in the world around us. The most recent episode explored Netflix’s new film Velvet Buzzsaw and makes you think about what this is saying about the LA art scene. Definitely go and check it out if you haven’t already.

For intimate artist interviews with a fresh perspective: The Polyester Podcast

A newbie on the podcast scene, Polyester has launched an eight-part series that talks with creatives in a way that allows you to get to know them as individuals, rather than just as an accumulation of their career achievements. Beginning as an online platform and biannual print zine, Polyester explores intersectional feminist fashion and culture. Co-hosted by the founding editor of Polyester, Ione Gamble and producer Alice Go, the duo don't shy away from talking about relevant and important topics within the queer feminist community.

Posting a new episode every other Monday, The Polyester Podcast kicked off their first series in conversation with Pxssy Palace and Rene Matic. The episode discussed the creation of Pxssy Palace and their inclusive parties, as well as delving into the importance of skinhead subculture for Rene. The second episode engaged in talks with illustrative artist Polly Nor on her matchbox collection and an important conversation with sex educator Ruby Rare about the myths surrounding contraception. Keep an eye out for the rest of their series, I know I definitely will.

For some career and life motivation: Art & Cocktails

This solo show is hosted by Ekaterina Popova, an artist and founder of Create! Magazine. Engaging in conversations about creative business in the art world, Ekaterina draws on her own experiences as an artist to give you some motivation to follow your creative career. From ‘why artists should dream more’ to ‘fighting overwhelm’, these short and straight to the point episodes gives you a boost of inspiration to pursue your creative interests.

Art & Cocktails is a mix between solo episodes recorded by Ekaterina and conversations with professionals working in the art scene. Interviewing magazine editors, freelance curators and artists, the show addresses the multitude of avenues and paths within the art world. As a student myself, trying to find my place in the industry, it is inspiring to hear from others who have 'made it'. At the end of the day, we should appreciate all of our individual achievements and Art & Cocktails gives you that little reminder that everyone can belong in this industry if they want to!

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