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Why art collecting is not just for old, rich people

Artate is creating a space online for young art collectors

By Zeynep Yuksel

If you’d have asked me a couple of years ago what I think of when I hear ‘art collector’, I would have said that most art collectors are very traditional, taking no risks and only buying artworks from established art galleries.

But right now, the demographic breakdown of art collectors are changing this stereotype. Women and millennials are the fastest-growing category of art collectors. Today collecting art has become a fashionable hobby and everyone wants to be involved.

So how can we break these stereotypes?

Artate’s goal is to create a platform where art can be accessible and transparent. For us, each collector is unique, whether it’s their first time buying or they are established collectors. We are aiming to create a less intimidating and more friendly platform where art lovers, experts, and other professionals can share their opinions with each other.

Artate is more than just an online gallery, we are aiming to create a community for everyone especially for the next generation of art lovers. Everything is digitalized right now, I believe as an online gallery we are one step further to change things in the art world.

How are we changing? As I mentioned earlier, this new category of art collectors called the “millennials” are our main target group. Younger generation needs to be more involved with art. For us, we do not categorize our potential collector, whether you want to buy or just to be part of the Artate family, everyone is more than welcome. I think that is what the art world needs.

How can young people get involved in art collecting (especially on a budget)?

Collecting art on a budget is hard but not impossible. As an art collector myself, I visit most of the local art exhibitions wherever I travel. Sometimes, I plan my trip based on some small emerging art fairs. Apart from these fairs, there are great artist shows and degree shows around the world. I discover most of the artists I represent in these shows.

However, due to the current virus outbreak, a lot of these shows and fairs are closed, but that is where the possibility of buying art online comes in. Millennials are the fastest-growing category of art collectors and social networks like Instagram is another great tool to discover, follow, and see what is trending.

What is the best thing about collecting art?

There is no doubt that art changes the way we think and see. Young people see art as a connection tool and collecting art is becoming a trend among the younger generation. The next generation is different from the traditional collectors; they love expressing themselves on social media and for them, creating an identity in society is important. Young collectors want something accessible for them. They don’t look at art as investment, they see it as an experience.

This was Zeynep Yuksel, the founder of Artate for The Gallyry. You can follow Artate on Instagram and head over to our website to keep up to date with all their latest releases, exhibitions, and more.

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